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Ok, so it hasn't been received well, or popular, but I've been pointing out for a while now, that OPs like VoteAnonymous2016, We Are One EP1, and now allegidly OpExposeNLM/765 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1NMKUVM15HZdGhQTW5DNDNkZnhabjg0RFBzM0dRS29pcThR/view are in fact all False Flag, Elite controlled ops. A lot of people want to put faith and trust in an organization, collective, or even a government, but the truth is that this world is being shaken appart, and that there is only one thing that will stand in these times. Common Sense is waking some people up, while facts, and personal abuses / injuries are waking other people up to the truth. A lot of people won't wake up, because they just can't believe it's happening, or they want to believe it will all be over tomorrow, or that some other solution or end of suffering will come along, other than the truth. The MillionMaskMarch hasn't made any positive impact, and it won't make any positive impact. The MillionMaskMarch helps the Elite see how many of you are willing to show up, and believe your making a difference by being there. Protests against the elite, currently aren't having the desired positive outcome. Now this new OpExposeNLM/765 promises to fix your problems, by getting you executed. They always give you a little bit of truth "Brothers and sisters, we have been infiltrated like we have never been before. The feds have permeated into every single group, every single page, and every single chat we have, and have even created some Anonymous pages of their own."

Many mistake their brainwashing for Humanity. You think when they say that we are one, or that they are the Humanity Party, that they are preaching humanity, but they are really preaching enslavement "masked" as humanity. They are also teaching the Common Core Curriculum. Public Schools, TV, and all main stream anything teach Islam, and Evolution as truth. In We Are One EP1 it becomes clear that the same message is being taught. The US has funded and supported ISIS / ISIL in order to have an opponent and justify war. The US teaches their religion in it's pubilc schools, and the UN gives them Jewish land. You are being lied too and brainwashed like never before. The Propganda spread by the alleged Anonymous, is the Elite's Propaganda. If you can't see this, then you will probably accuse me of all kinds of things, as others have. See: One World Religionhttps://www.minds.com/blog/view/498677712689311744/the-illuminati-nwo-religionThere are false gods to put your faith in, and they exist everywhere. THE STATE, Yourself, your parents, your preacher, teachers, gang leaders, authorities, religions (rituals), money, stones, guns, medication, substances, media.... are all things people put thier faith in, and it never comes to anything except destruction. Anonymous doesn't get Anons out of jail, they don't enforce true Justice when one of their own is killed, and they won't rescue you or your loved ones if someone is sexually assaulted. They may expose it, talk about it, and get you upset about it, and maybe even hack something, but that's where it ends. RT News is Russian Controlled Propaganda, even if truth is spoken. Many paid Government Agents, bots... are posting on Minds.com , Facebook, Twitter, G+.... spreading their propaganda, teaching Common Core, dividing us... and for those of us who aren't divided, they want us to spin our wheels, putting faith in plans that won't go anywhere, like the MillionMaskMarch. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

What the Elite don't want you to know, what they want to turn you against, is that there is only one who can help you, there is only one rock, one resting place of peace. You won't find it inside yourself, or in someone else... The only way is Jesus, and Jesus alone.

Anonymous - We Are One EP1 EXPOSED LIVE !

Anonymous Is an FBI Controlled, Illuminati, Organization, that is encouraging 3rd Eye Pagan Rituals, same-sex agenda, main stream common core education, trances, seances, aliens, and evolution. It takes more faith to believe in this hijacked organization called Anonymous, or THE SYSTEM, (will actually help you) than it takes to believe in Jesus Christ.

Anonymous allegedly hacks Time Square

Anonymous has been infiltrated by the FBI and Illuminati, and is being controlled.


The Hacker Wars - Full HD from @AnonymousVideo onAnonymous We Are One EP1 Video 


3rd Eye Cult Exposed

The Cult Of Saturn Part 1

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