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“If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Fathers commands and remain in His love.” John 15:10 NIV

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The Secular System or Machine is briefly explained in this video. For a more complete explanation, please refer to the next video on Chancery System. This video is for the hearing impaired.

A Chancery system is ruled by a King or Sovereign, but in this case the people are not recognized by the System as being the king, except when it's convenient to blame things on the people. The Acting King is THE STATE and the Representatives of the STATE known as Prosecutors and Attorney Generals. Sometimes these Prosecutors and Attorney Generals take orders from Governors and Presidents, but often times Prosecutors give the orders to Sheriffs, and all other County Officials, making them the acting Kings of the County. To test this in your county, simply ask a difficult question to a county official, and see who they ask for directions / help. They always call the Prosecutor, at least where I live. In different states, and at different levels, the acting King can be a different entity. Sometimes Sheriffs, Judges, and other county Officials appear to operate independently, and in opposition to their acting King, but that's all part of the show, to make you believe in the System, that it is a Republic as the Constitution for the United States describes, but often times it's all just a show, to settle the public.  

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