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JULinOX OS is awesome ! It's for Mac Users wanting to switch to Linux. This was a user's idea. The Design and interface are awesome and epic. Videos to come soon.

JULinOX OS is awesome ! It’s for Mac Users wanting to switch to Linux. This was a user’s idea. The Design and interface are awesome and epic. Videos to come soon.

Get What You Want !

Do you remember Microsoft’s I’m A PC And Windows 7 was my idea campaign ? How about Windows 8 was that your idea too ?

What if you truly had the opportunity to change the system you were using, by simply telling the people who made it what you wanted ?

That’s exactly what JULinux is ! You can make posts for ideas about JULinux in our Discussion Forums that we will take very seriously, or you can comment or message our JULinux Facebook Page, or e-mail us. ultumix-discussion AT lists.sourceforge.net

Because this is Your Linux, you should take pride in it, and it’s software, and share it with your friends, community, and people at work.

Good advice is not to talk negatively about other systems, or what they are using, but by talking about the benefits of using a simple system.

Great Support

Solutions. We offer full commercial and non-commercial tech support for JULinux. Edified Access offers a positive Tech Support Experience at just $30.00 an hour.Call: 1 (801) 452-6002

On our Sourceforge.net page Log In and click Discussion too post your question, comment, idea, or concern in our forums. Someone should get back to you shortly.

Super Simple

Super Simple. With Linux there is no need to wait for your computer to install a driver when you insert a new device, No Anti-Virus scans and updates, No Software Registration Codes, and you don’t need to feel guilty for downloading it. It’s that simple !

Safe, Secure, and Fast

While Microsoft, Mac, & other Linux distributions promote the use of tracking software in their web browsers, and other software; JULinux values privacy. In our finished releases you will see that remote desktop software, and other potential vulnerabilities people could exploit have been removed or turned off by default. If you contact our support we can still use Remote Access software to help you out, after you enable it.

There are no Linux Viruses in the trusted repositories where the Software Center gets software from. If you wanted to install a Virus in Linux and have it affect the system, you would have to find one, and I haven’t been able to find one yet. You would have to put in your password and tell the virus to install. There are viruses that attack any web browsers on any system. You can remove these simply by deleting the folder the configuration files are in for that browser after backing up your bookmarks. I’ve had to to this twice sense I started using Linux in 1999. If you need help just ask our support.

JULinux is very fast because we don’t use any resource hungry interfaces like the Microsoft Metro interface, or Ubuntu’s Unity interface (although it is available), but we opt instead for a simple, light weight, but still attractive user interface with a low learning curve. It’s very intuitive.

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