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ACER Aspire 3680 - 2682
Here you can customize your ACER
Aspire 3680 laptop. If you choose
PCLinuxOS 2007 instead of Windows
Vista Home Basic and choose not to run
Microsoft Programs we can guarantee
you will not get any viruses! The starting
price is
$525.00 . If you want all of the
laptop components
fully loaded it is only
$850.00 If you choose to add products or
features after you press the submit
button we will give you an estimate of the
current price for these items. After you
confirm with us that this is what you want
we will send you an e-mail from pay pal
requesting the amount agreed upon. You
can use your credit card if you would
ACER Aspire 3680 - 2682
Please Place Your Order Here
Please select your Operating System
PCLinuxOS 2007 Free and can't get Viruses. Comes with Office for
home, school, and business use. Comes with IE6 installed and Firefox.
Over 6700 programs are freely available to install. Runs fast on this
Windows Vista Home Basic. 60 days free Norton Antivirus, a text
editor with no spell check, the ability to play some DVDs. Runs slow on
this laptop
Both PCLinuxOS and Vista add $50.00 to your order.
Comes with a Intel Celeron M 440 1.86 Ghz
14.1 inch LCD screen.
5 in 1 card reader
SVideo connector
56K dial up modem, Ethernet, and WiFi
Please select your Memory or RAM
512 MB DDR2 RAM Very Fast with PCLinuxOS, but kind of slow with Vista.
Comes Free With The Laptop.
1GB DDR2 RAM Unnecessary for PCLinuxOS but will make Vista work
at normal speed. Extra fees will apply.
2GB DDR2 RAM Completly Unnecessary for PCLinuxOS but will make
Windows Vista run fast. Extra fees will apply.
Please select your Hard Drive Space.
80 GB Hard Drive Included in original price. Good for installing one
operating system and downloading personal files or just two Operating
160 GB Hard Drive Extra Fees Will Apply. Good for storing large files
and for two operating systems like Vista and Linux OS on the same
More Hard Drive Space Please Specify.
Please select a CD DVD drive or burner.
DVD RW and CD RW Extra Fees Will Apply. (estimated over $60.00)
Extra Goodies!
Portable Printer Not included in price.
All In One Printer Not included in price.
Laptop Cooler Recommended Not Included In Price.
Extended Warranty. Click Here. Not Included In Price
WiFi antenna. Will help if you choose PCLinuxOS because of extra High
Power Buffalo WiFi card we will be including with Linux. Not included in price.
Other stuff you may want.
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