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The World Wide Computer Lab

By Justin Breithaupt

( An updated version of this article can be viewed online at )

Computer classes at no charge are offered to Pomeroy resident’s summer of 2006. Free Geek Company, of Portland, Oregon, has donated 24 computers. These computers are between 800-1100 MHz and will provide everything needed to teach computer skills such as: E-mail, Word, Office, PowerPoint, Excel, computer programming, hardware, design, graphics, electronics, computer history, and other subjects of interest. These services will be available to the entire English speaking world because we will be using internet cameras and audio. (web conferencing)

This research and education facility will not be limited to computers, robotics, and electronics. Because of our web conferencing capabilities described above we will be able to offer anyone who wants to teach any other subject the resources to share there knowledge as well. In short we will be able to teach other things such as art, creative writing, construction (design), and other desired subjects. We can keep the funding for each subject separate or share between them to help further each program evenly.

Game night will also be held once a week. Kids and adults can compete in video game competitions for entertainment and help boost the moral of the whole computer idea.

Robotics will also be taught. Old remote control cars, motors, and batteries, from controllers will give us parts to build robots. We need Lego Mindstorms available to build robots and program them.

These activities will be fun for everyone, plus experimenting with computers will be encouraged!  For concerned parents, information will be posted on video games as to what they contain so parents can be informed.

Ultimately this endeavor will give the Boy Scouts of America the opportunity to earn computer merit badges. This benefit will not only include the local Pomeroy Boy Scouts of Troop 281, but the Lewiston, Clarkston, Asotin, and Dayton, Boy Scouts.  

 I will teach computer repair but I will still be charging to go to a person’s house and fix their computer.

If anyone wants to help in any way or has any questions, please e-mail me at . Any items described above will be accepted. Right now the biggest thing we lack are supplies for our Lego Mindstorms robotics department. Each of these sets cost $200.00 new and about half of that used. While these sets will be used for the young children professional robotics sets that cost about half that of the Lego Mindstorms sets will be used for older children and adults. I am looking for people who will be able to volunteer time. I am not just looking for computer literate people but also responsible adults that can watch what is going on. If you want to be a volunteer but know nothing about computers and want to I could teach you what I am doing as I build the 24 computers. The 24 computers are not built but all the parts are there along with the monitors, keyboards, and mice. We will also be receiving two very nice routers to hook the computers up to the Internet. By next summer all the computers should be up and running and our volunteers should be taught the basics of how to use computers. The volunteers and students equipped with the knowledge of how to fix computers will be recommended by myself when I get an overflow of computer customers. As of now I have a couple part time volunteers. The only thing I require of my volunteers is that they be responsible and keep the students out of trouble.

If you know anyone who has knowledge of working with computer electronics like ROM chips, Bios Chips, and Processors, please let us know! We really need someone that can explain to our students how they work and can be tested so that these students can come back to teach after they have been taught.

Update! 10/31/05

We just picked up the computers and are planning to set up the center as soon as we have volunteers and internet.


1,500 Pounds of Computers!Free Tell A Friend from

Tim (the reason we have the computers) , Oso (the founder of Free Geek), and me Justin.

( An updated version of this article can be viewed online at )


Below are the remaining items we need to open the robotics lab, there prices, and the internet address where there product description can be found.

The Lego Robotics Invention System.

Free Tell A Friend from

Total for the above set is: $275.00 with tax.

Total: $2,750.00 for 10 Sets Or $1,325.00 for 5

It would be nice to get at least 2 sets. 

To create our electronics lab we will need a high budget to spend on electronics. Electronics that are taken apart and put back together will have a lot of stress, wear, and tear. New electronics will need to be added every year.

The estimated cost for internet is $600.00 a year. (After we get connected to the internet we can start updating the computers and getting them ready. It should be a very short time after this that we will be ready.)

The estimated total needed to start teaching computers now is $1,000.

The estimated total needed to start teaching computers and electronics now is $5,633.

The estimated total needed to accomplish everything is over $8,025. (with some left over just in case)

Once the estimated total needed is filled we will need an extra $1,000 for every year after that to keep the internet and equipment for the internet up.

Thank You for reading this.


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