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This software is free to download and redistribute, and all of the software is still under it's own separate license agreements however we have decided not to allow the sale of any computer with the Ultumix Trademark in the system or on the system in the form of a sticker or any other violation of our trademark. We are not trying to protect ourselves but our credibility. If you want to sell a computer with this distribution installed or sell DVDs for profit you must register to become an affiliate with us first. This requires you to sign an agreement that basically says you won't rip anyone off by selling them a bad computer. We will have the exact specs available on that form. The whole affiliate thing is still under construction but check our site at for updates. There will also be several benefits for our affiliates that people who just download the software for free and install it won't get because they would have no use for them. We are not going commercial but rather ensuring quality of service. If you have any input or ideas please voice them in our forums. smile1.gif We also lay claim to some of the stuff we added to this distribution so that we can have this control. We are working with attorneys and lawyers to get it all figured out. smile1.gif In the mean time enjoy the free software and let us know what you think on our forum.

I Agree Already Give Me The .iso I Don't Agree. Sorry to be a party pooper.

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