How to become an Atheist – 101

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Most people claiming to be Atheists, give Atheists a bad name, because they don't understand what true Atheism is, or the arguments and faith behind it. Atheism is a faith, because it does require faith to be an Atheist, faith in the idea that outside of naturalism and cosmology, outside the barrier, nothing exists. The views and perspectives discussed in this video, aren't necessarily my own, but they are what is necessary to be an Atheist.

It's obvious to most people that theism and agnosticism, must be outside Atheism. We will talk about the path to becoming an Atheist later on in this video. One major mistake most alleged Atheists make, is when they claim to hate God, when they aren't suppose to believe God exists.

An atheist who believes in moving forward, in humanity, in Government, and Society, must dismiss any long term failures of such systems, such as the economy, because evolution eliminates the negative, and promotes only the positive, as we move forward into the future. Evolution eliminates poverty.

The atheist who agrees with Evolution, and survival of the fittest, must agree with helping evolution along, by eliminating inferior animals and children early on, so that they don't reproduce. The United States pioneered this idea and technology in eugenics, sterilizing a large number of people, who were deemed unfit to reproduce. Projects like Planned Parenthood should be encouraged. Hitler may have been wrong about exterminating the Jews and calling them an inferior race, but if there are inferior races, children, and people, the Atheist should eliminated them from the gene pool by force if necessary, in order to help speed evolution along. The same should be done with any inferior Government or Country, until the fittest country survives, and rules the world.

Often Atheists use Theories to back up their beliefs, but the problem with theories is that anyone can make them, about anything, using any kind of logic and reasoning. A child can theorize that the cause for gifts and presents being placed under a tree before December 25th, with tags that say they are from Santa, is a man flying around in a slay, with reindeer, and elves, delivering presents, or at the very least someone named Santa sent the presents to them. The idea of Naturalism and Cosmology tell us that we can only believe in what we can see, hear, taste, touch, feel, and detect; not what we can imagine or theorize, so theories that haven't been proven, can't be used.

The Atheists view, is based upon the world and universe that he or she can comprehend, the naturalist view. If there is anything that can't be comprehended by a human being, then it does not exist within the Atheist view, and must be false, until proven true.

Like other faiths, if all the evidence was against atheism, the atheist must still hold true to his or her faith. The difference between a theist and atheist, is that a Christian claims to be able to sense the presence of God, inside them, and outside them, and therefore has something to back up their faith in God, regardless of the external facts and evidence presented to them; however the Atheist has no such sensation to prove otherwise, and therefore must hold true to their thoughts and beliefs alone, without any sensation to back it up.

Alternative explanations for reality, existence, and what we see in the natural, such as evolution, can only be accepted by dismissing several modern scientific findings, and holding true to what Scientists knew before the existence of the electronic microscope, and Einstein's findings. The Electron Microscope suggests irreducible complexity, and Einstein's findings point to an origin of the Universe. Atheists must hold true to the idea that the Universe just is, and that it has no beginning or end.

Some Atheists like Richard Dawkins claim that aliens might have created life, on this planet, as a way to get around the idea of a God creating the universe, without explaining the cause of the Aliens. A true Atheist must not entertain the idea of an origin of life, or concern themselves with this issue. It's ok for Atheists to think of and use evolution theory, but any origin of the universe, points at a creator. To get around this idea, and go along with the idea that the Universe just is, Stephen Hawking gave Atheists this argument: "Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist," but the problem here is that Stephen Hawking said that Spontaneous Creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, and that points at a creator, also Stephen Hawking is saying that gravity acted upon nothing to create something. Nothing is when neither space, time, or any substance exists, and there are no forces to act upon anything, so Stephen Hawking makes true Atheists look bad, and shows us that Atheists can not believe in an origin of the universe, at least not logically.


The Path to becoming an Atheist:

#1 to turn against God, and dismiss the idea of God's existence.

#2 to turn against others who believe in a God.

#3 to turn against any ideas or feelings you may have that suggest there is a God.

#4 to embrace others like you who agree with you.

#5 in order to justify and reinforce your faith and beliefs, and build yourself up in your faith, you should try to get others to believe in Atheism.


The first 4 steps are very similar in joining a gang, or becoming a satanist, or gang as follows:

#1 to turn you against God.

#2 to turn you against your family and friends.

#3 to turn you against yourself, your own reasoning, and conscience.

#4 to pretend to be your new friends and family.

#5 recruit more people to please your new pretend friends and family, and do what they ask. 



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