Cellocity Linux
Important Note: user world wide lab is not the one to ask how to do
something. He is the CEO the one who pays the bills. Instead ask

avwilsoftware. To join our project click here and ask too.

Welcome to the Cellocity Project. If you like Fedora Core 6, Windows, Mac,
Freespire, and any other computer operating systems, or if you just like video
games, then you will love Cellocity.

Cellocity is made up of a few main components.

Slick: A striped version of Fedora Core 6 that still has YUM and all FC6's
abilities but none of the bloated software until the user decides to install
them with YUM (add/remove software).

Compatipal: A group of emulators that allow multiple operating systems to
be installed and running on the same machine at the same time and allows
multiple users to use the same computer at the same time with separate
monitors, keyboards, and mice. In the future we hope to legally include the
ability to play games built for the PS1, PS2, Nintendo, X-Box, and other game
consoles on our computers with Compatipal.

Vgames:  A VNC type of program that will allow those of us who don't want to
buy an X-Box, Game Cube, or PS3 the ability to hook up to the Game
Controller via a Network controller that converts your joystick signals from
your computer into a signal recognized by the game console on the other
end so that you can control the game remotely. You will receive the video
signal from the console also threw the Internet. Charges may apply
depending on the Host. You won't have to buy the latest console and you can
play games from the past and present.

Compiz: A 3D desktop that blows away Vista and Mac OS X. It should only be
used on computers built after 2004.

Cell Processor Compatible: Cell Processor Compatible meaning that it will
work on the fastest processor made that is not even available to the public

No Worries Backup: Sounds simple because it is. Using the built in dd
command to copy a directory in Linux there is no need to worry about your
computer crashing. The dd command simply backs up every kind of partition
or drive weather it has a known format or not. Using a small Linux distro like
Knoppix a backup utility and a simple GUI for it will be installed on a partition
only a small sliver in size at the beginning of the drive. During boot up you
will be presented with the option to backup your computer. After entering this
option the small Knoppix like utility will load and ask you where to back your
drive up to and what partitions or drive you wish to copy. All you need for this
operation is a second hard drive, a removable hard drive (recommended), or
another type of large disk. Avast anti virus for Linux could also be installed on
this system to scan your entire computer including NTFS drives.
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