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FIX PATCH: Fixes Play On Linux not being installed. http://www.mindblowingidea.com/mirror/shh/playonlinux.sh
What is JULinux and why should you use it?

 Demonstration of JULinux as an alternative.

"it is so much better than windows or mac...more user friendly and easier to use. ...i am super happy with julinux!" Cody Long

"I just started using julinux a few days ago.  So far it has been easy to switch from Windows XP and I'm just barely computer literate!" Glenda Rockefeller

"For me, I like to make the analogy that my operating system is like my car -- I know there's no real magic, but there HAS to be a certain minimum level of maintenance -- I hate to work on a car!, but I like less being relegated to a ditch at night in the rain with no idea of what to do to get on down the road.  With an operating system, I like "toughness", dependability and keeping "being broken down" by viruses, stupid things I did, and speed. JULINUX does these things for me and I have far fewer problems with Linux/Ubuntu than any other system I have tried -- it's great!"
Tom Hardy
So Why Just Use Linux?

JULinux or Just Use Linux has taken away most of the excuses to use other operating systems and Linux distributions.

  1. Free telephone, chat, forum, and e-mail support in the United States and we speak English! No need to press anything to get threw.

  2. Viruses can't attack Linux. (They can hijack your browser but that is easily fixed)

  3. JULinux can run Windows programs and because of all the programs JULinux comes with you won't need most of your Windows programs.

  4. No more typing in license / registration codes and paying for software.

  5. Much faster than Windows. Google Chrome is much faster on the INTERNET.

  6. We listen to you and act on your feedback.

  7. It looks and acts much like Windows XP so there is little to no learning curve.

  8. It's fully automated so therfunny "html popup" recommends you install Linuxe is no reason to learn code, text commands, hacks, tweaks, etc.

  9. No antivirus software needed to slow down your computer.
  10. It's not illegal to use Linux or open source software!
  11. And many very well known companies and organiztions use Linux.


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A Participating Open Invention Network Licensee
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