Slick is a stripped down version of Fedora Core 6 that still contains the base
goodies that are normally hard to set up for your system. The difference is that
the Nvidia beta drivers and ATI drivers needed for Compiz to work right will be
installed right the first time. A wizard will be used to ask the user if everything is
working just right or not and make adjustments for it. Questions might include:
Do you see your mouse, are there blue bars at the top of your windows, if you
hold down Ctrl + Alt and click and drag your mouse does your screen rotate,
and other known issues asked about in the forums.

The idea here is to lessen problems. I also want to provide an interface like
Freespire as an option along with mplayer, realplayer, and other players
preisntalled to allow less frustration when converting from Windows. IE 6 has
been redesigned for Linux. This could be an optional update asked about
when you first install the system. Avast should be an option too because you
can scan your virtual Windows systems with it.
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