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The following Cases have been filed, and appear to be operating in accordance with the rules and laws of a Court of Record. To see more about Courts of Record, please see the classes here: http://www.mindblowingidea.com/lawschool.html  The source material for the documents filed in these cases can be found here: http://www.mindblowingidea.com/EXAMPLES/  .  In some Counties, States, Federal, and Supreme Courts, they choose to follow the rules and laws for Courts of Record where the Plaintiff is the Tribunal in the absence of a Jury, and the Manga Carta is the law, in addition to case law presented by the Plaintiff. Most courts that operate with in the 50 US States, and UNITED STATES refuse to follow the laws and rules of Courts of Record, and treat people as if they are corporations. In the cases listed below, it appears that we have found a Court of Record.

Case Files:

9-16-cv-00161-DLC-JCL_Weeks_v_Johnson_et_al (ongoing) PACER 9:2016-cv-00161

9-17-cv-00056-DLC-JCL_Raelund_et_al_v_Enz_et_al (ongoing) PACER 9:2017-cv-00056


9-16-cv-00161-DLC-JCL Weeks v Johnson et al PACER 9:2016-cv-00161

Candi-Lee:Weeks and her family were injured on multiple occasions by the Whitefish Police Department

The Whitefish Police Department acknowledged that they knew she was traveling, and still violated her rights.
They put a $500 bond on her, and insisted she was driving, even when her husband was in control the automobile on other occasions when. The automobile was struck by police with a flashlight. The details are in the documents that have been filed.

In the beginning of this case, it was a big statutory, civil mess, but this case was salvaged, and converted into a
Court of Record. At this time the CounterPlanitiff is the Tribunal and the Court. The Magistrate has been limited
to making recommendations.

9-17-cv-00056-DLC-JCL Raelund et al v. Enz et al PACER 9:2017-cv-00056

The CounterDefendants in this case, seized the home of the CounterPlaintiffs,
forcing the CounterPlaintiffs to file a CounterClaim in a superiour court.
On May 5th the CounterPlaintiffs were kicked out of their home,
The CounterPlaintiffs called the Federal Court, and a female answered the phone
telling them that the Federal Court didn't have Jurisdiciton, and would not prevent
the unlawful theft of the CounterPlanitiff's home.

Document 4 Filed 08/10/17 makes it clear that the case is still open, and the
Court of Record has Jurisdiction, therefore the CounterPlanitiffs are moving forward
in this case at this time.