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Rosicrucian The founding of the UNITED STATES
Rosicrucian Cross with
      a Rose

A rosicrucian is someone who is occult, but they pretend to be a Christian. Some  rosicrucians even produced Bible Translations, while at the same time producing things for the occult. The symbol for rosicrucian is a rose on top of a cross, or a cross in a rose like the Lutheran rose (doesn't mean luther was a rosicrucian). You also see golden roses on people's shirts as pins, in capital buildings and other Government buildings, and in the theater in Pomeory. These golden roses, especially with 5 points also are a symbol of a rosicrucian. These people existed during the founding of the country, and worked closely with the free masons. It is believed that the rosicrucians came into existence, to continue practicing occult, without being burnt like a which. I turned on the TV to see if God had a message for me. I saw a preacher wearing a gold rose on his shirt, and I listened to him preach a flowery message, and he didn't even quote any scripture; then I turned the channel to Joseph Prince who uses tons of scripture during his message, and the difference was obvious. I believe that was what God had for me to see, was a rosicrucian in action. The same man wearing the gold rose, has a secular TV show very similar to Doctor Phil.

So next time you see someone wearing a cross with a rose on it, remember they may be a rosicrucian, or they may have received it as a gift, or they may think it's just pretty.


The free masons believe that the 5 pointed star, pointing up is the good version of their religion, and and upside down 5 pointed star is evil. President Bush Jr. Changed the Republican Party logo's stars from pointing up, to pointing down when he became president. Several skeptics who didn't believe this, checked it out, and then agreed with me after looking into it. Here is the new logo with the stars pointing down (evil).

New Republican Party Logo

Either way any occult practice involving a 5 pointed star is pagan, and therefore evil (good witch bad witch).

The broken star, as seen in the streets of DC, is used to try to capture and hold satan, and manipulate satan, whereas a complete star is suppose to keep evil spirits away.

The masons offer sacrifices (publicly) of corn, oil, and wine to the "great architect" who as they say, is a universal god, or can be any god of any religion. The pagan god baal, is the god of corn, and many of the stone figures in Washington DC have corn in the design, and one male figure has ears of corn in it's hair. The masons also say the name of god Jahbulon, a combination of Jehovah, baal, and Osiris.

They worship the "Dog Star" serious, the star of the east, and claim it is the son of the sun and moon, representing the masculine and feminine occult gods in most cultures. The triangle of the Pythagoras, represents the feminine and male occult gods, giving birth to the third side, serious. For some reason this is very important to them, and even presidents of the United States have said they have had to study this to make decisions as president, and the free masons meditate on it too. The Federal Triangle is in DC for this purpose, and lines up with the constellation virgo in the sky. "As above so below". The broken 5 pointed star in the streets of DC, matches the movement of Venus I believe, or another planet. The dates of laying the Masonic Corner Stones of many of the buildings, lines up with Serious the Dog Star being in alignment with them.

As an alleged Christian Woman in town here told me, the zodiac, the stars, and numerology is very important to them, and they make no decisions without consulting these things and taking them into account. My response to her was that you can't mix that stuff with Christianity.

Knowing the signs and symbols of the occult, is valuable to a Christian, at least in general, because it helps us to avoid being deceived by rosicrucians, and others in the occult. If we know who they are and what they really are, then it's easier to realize that they may have bad motives, and or are fake Christians, with a fake message.

Here's a very well put together documentary
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJqtisj3dGU sent to me by a friend.

It's also on Amazon Prime, and on DVD. Riddles in Stone - The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C (available on Amazon Prime, YouTube, or you can buy it here https://amzn.to/2I5rGxX Amazon affiliate link). While it was made during Bush Jr's presidency, and it doesn't go into every detail, it is very accurate, and involves interviewing free masons in DC. One of the main Free Masons still honored today the most in DC is General Pike, and he professed that the true light of masonry is the light of lucifer, and yet they still honor him, and make him the face of masonry in DC and around the world. This documentary also shows that in the DC Library are two letters from and to President Washington confirming that the Illuminati was never extinguished, and George Washington said that he wasn't surprised. Both the "skull and bones" and "illuminati" were founded to try to make the "Free Masons" conform to the original ideals of the masonic order, because they thought the masons were drifting away from their original goals.

The Illuminati had 3 major goals in the beginning, that may sound good.

#1 Democracy, (To blame everything on the people)
#2 Emancipation of Women, (The Scriptures say women are to be submissive to men. Women are pro-Abortion, against the death penalty, and are liberal by nature.)
#3 and rebellion against tyrants. (Rebellion against whoever the Government presents to the people as tyrants, including your own family)

Democracy is not a republic. Democracy is simply the idea of mob rule without a set of laws or constitution. Even if votes aren't counted, they can still blame the masses for whatever they do, instead of blaming one leader who would be executed or brought down from power. Even if a Democracy's votes are counted, it doesn't guarantee that a democracy will follow the moral laws of God, or the Constitution. When they can't get the people on board with their agenda, they simply get a ruling from the US Supreme Court, a form of dictatorship, or they use congress, an executive order, or some other means of control.

The Emancipation of Women is simply to promote feminism, non-submission to husbands, empowerment (sounds good), and the sexual revolution that always destroys nations.

The rebellion against tyrants, also sounds good, but often the rebellion is against God, even if it seems to be against some form of evil.

The only good form of Government the Bible describes in Samuel, is God as the head, with judges, and prophets on earth. Democracy is simply a way to blame the Government's actions on the people. The people can be easily manipulated in the name of national security, or other excuses, to give away their freedoms, and comply with unconstitutional laws.

This is very similar to the idea of making lead into Gold, or alchemy that was finally successful, when they turned gold into paper money, and finally figured out how to turn paper into gold so to speak. After they figured out it was impossible to turn lead or other elements into Gold, in Egypt it was discovered that bankers could get people to give up Gold for an IOU, the first paper currency (not money), and this was the only successful alchemy, but as in all other cases that followed, the bankers sold all the gold, so when the people came to redeem their IOUs for Gold, it wasn't there, and they hung the banker. So it is today, that the bank only has 10% / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 (10% of 10%... 10 times) of the cash they owe you, in their banks as currency. The reason it's broken down so many times by 10% is because they loan 90% of your cash out to someone else, and they can loan 90% of that person's currency out again up to 10 times.

In 2015 "'Illuminatiam First -Testament of the Illuminati" was published, and someone scanned it into a PDF and shared it on the internet. Someone sent me a copy in digital form, and I read part of the introduction and realized it is a very dangerous and deceptive book, so I decided to skip the introduction, and skim some of the rest of it. It makes some interesting claims, but mainly it's goal is the same as satan's, and that is to get you to believe that you are more important than others, and you should rule over the world along with others, and that they need rulers. I consider this book to be so dangerous, that I decided not to share it with anyone, and I haven't re-visited it, but I do have a copy if anyone wants to see it, but I discourage reading it, at least the first part of it. If it is true, it reveals a lot about the Illuminati, and how it works, and for that reason it may be useful in bringing it down, avoiding them, and recognizing them. The 2015 "'Illuminatiam First -Testament of the Illuminati" is part of the Propaganda Machine.

A Chancery system is ruled by a King or Sovereign, but in this case the people are not recognized by the System as being the king, except when it's convenient to blame things on the people. The Acting King is THE STATE and the Representatives of the STATE known as Prosecutors and Attorney Generals. Sometimes these Prosecutors and Attorney Generals take orders from Governors and Presidents, but often times Prosecutors give the orders to Sheriffs, and all other County Officials, making them the acting Kings of the County. To test this in your county, simply ask a difficult question to a county official, and see who they ask for directions / help. They always call the Prosecutor, at least where I live. In different states, and at different levels, the acting King can be a different entity. Sometimes Sheriffs, Judges, and other county Officials appear to operate independently, and in opposition to their acting King, but that's all part of the show, to make you believe in the System, that it is a Republic as the Constitution for the United States describes, but often times it's all just a show, to settle the public.

Don't be part of the system, don't fight for the system that enslaves you.

Jesus bless you !!!

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