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The following is put together by Justin-Chad:Breithaupt in order to help answer any questions anyone
might have about proving that the God of the Bible is real and active today, or that the Old Testament
is correct and valid, or whatever proof might be needed so that everyone who reads this will be
without excuse.

PART 1: Atheists have no Evidence to support their claim that "there is no God" or that
"Nothing Exists outside of this reality", or whatever statement an Atheist might make.

In any Debate there is a requirement that if one is to Claim something such as "Jesus the God of
the Bible is Real and what the Bible says He is", then the one arguing this claim must have facts
to back up their claim.

In the same way an Atheist must also have evidence to support their claim that "There is no God".
Rather than coming up with any evidence to support the claim that "There is no God", atheists only
attack the claims and facts Christians present, and never provide any evidence to support the claim
that "There is no God", and since no evidence can be presented to support the Atheist claim, the
claim must be invalid.

In court if one accuses another of a crime such as Murder, it is up to the accuser to provide proof
that His statement is true. The Testimony of two or more eye witnesses is proof, unless the evidence
can disprove the witnesses. So in the case of Atheism, we have people claiming that "There is no God",
without any eye witness accounts, proof, or evidence to support that claim.
The claim is that God is absent.

As you well know, it is very simple and easy for a Christian to prove that the Bible is historically
accurate, that both supporters and persecutors of Christianity have documented what the Bible
says in their own history books. Many countries have documented the flood of Noah, including the
Egyptians, Chinese, and many others. As far as the History of Jesus Christ as God, and if He did
what the Bible says He did, it was documented by the Romans and the Jews, who both put Jesus
to death, as well as 500+ eye witnesses. And that is plenty of evidence on it's own to prove that
Jesus is who the Bible says He is, and that He did what the Bible says He did.

In addition, many others such as myself, have personal encounters with God, and have seen Him
work instantaneously on this earth in the here and now, and I can prove it as you know.

#1 As a child I had a head on collision with another child, and had seizures from that time on, and
had EEG tests to confirm it, and I was on medicine; until: God spoke to me and told me to go to the
healing rooms in Lewiston Idaho and be prayed for to be healed of seizures. I was having headaches
and dizzy spells at the time. In addition God required that I make some changes in my own life as
well. Once I obeyed God and was prayed for, I immediately stopped having headaches and dizzy
spells, and stopped all medication. I had to have an EEG test for employment. I went to a secular
hospital that gave me a medical paper saying I was healed by prayer. Please see the attached
picture below.

#2 There were several times I prayed for people, and saw God do miracles, taking away tumors as
confirmed by hospitals, fixing a car that 6 mechanics were unable to fix by praying over it, preventing
the rain from falling on a load of electronics multiple times when it was raining everywhere else,
cash appearing at the moment I told someone God would provide, Healing a woman who could not
eat food for a week before we prayed, and many more. One man had Pneumonia and was walking
next to me. I said "God bless you" and the Pneumonia was gone.

#3 Some different men came and made threats against me at my home, and one even trespassed in
my home. God dealt with all 5 of them. The first trespassed in my home and made threats against my
x-wife's kids, and he was removed from office despite not being accountable to anyone, another man
threatened me telling me I couldn't go anywhere besides the highway and one side street and
immediately both his knees were broken and he could no longer threaten me. Another man made a
similar threat, and he died. A Judge threatened to put me in prison for prophesying in the name of
God and he was removed form office. Another Judge (Scott Gallina) refused to hear my case or give
me Justice, and he was arrested in court, and is on trial now. Others who have done me wrong have
told me they are terrified of me without any explanation as to why. I also wrote in advance to the
authorities about the Judge being removed from office in a dream I had, and my concerns about
the Judge getting drunk, and trying to commit suicide if he was removed from power. It seems
that my concerns were valid, but thankfully he didn't commit suicide, just as he didn't in my dream.
Judge Scott Gallina of the Hells Canyon Circuit
        Arrested for Second Degree Rape After Denying Me Justice In
        Court 3 Times

To elaborate further about Scott Gallina refusing me justice for clarification, I put together a Claim
that I attempted to file in the WA State Superior Court for Garfield County WA. The clerk did not
give me a case number or stamp the case, instead she gave it to Scott Gallina to approve first. It was
never filed as far as I was aware. I asked for Justice in an Appeal, but was denied. I also asked for
Justice in a petition. The petition was partially granted, once it was filed under a new case number,
restoring a right that was taken from me. Another time I witnessed a child custody case with Scott Gallina
where he did not allow the other party to receive paperwork before the hearing. When my x-wife
divorced me, I was not given a notice of hearing, and I was not present during the divorce. In fact
I didn't know a divorce had even taken place. When I found out, a court clerk told me that I was there,
but I told them I was not. As a result they awarded my x-wife everything she asked for, and allowed
her to give me a broken down Nissan Pathfinder that I have been unable to sell. At present time of
writing this article, it seems clear to me that all Judges in WA State, are owned and controlled by
WA State, as it says in the 2nd WA State Constitution that all Judges (even Federal and US Supreme
court Justices) are paid at least 50% by the State of WA, and WA State can remove their pension and
retirement at any time, and for any reason. Prosecuting Attorneys always identify as THE STATE OF WA,
so if a Judge doesn't do what they want, they will remove that Judge, even if that Judge is standing up for
the rights of the people. That judge the State does not approve of, may find themselves in the same
situation as Scott Gallina, John Henry, or other Judges who are no longer in office for one reason or another.

When WA State disproves of a Judge's actions, they are usually never arrested publicly, and it's usually
not in the news papers. Usually it involves a forced retirement that is done quietly, with grace and dignity.
We made National News when the Judge for Garfield County, Asotin County, and Columbia County
Scott Gallina, was arrested in court and a trial scheduled. I don't know about the accusations against him
that he was arrested for, but I do know he must have done something WA State didn't like in order to be arrested.

#4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGdlxbBOjPU  In 2014 God spoke to me and told me to Prophecy
against the authorities and WA State, for all their evil involving but not limited to, sexual assault of minors,
rape, murder, drug sales, drug use, corruption, lying, failing to obey their own laws... All of my predictions
made in 2014-2015 came true in 2015, including but not limited to "The largest fire ever" (abc news), flooding,
cold weather with no way to get warm (power outage), and a lack of federal aid for the disasters. After God
was finished the liberal State of WA had more faith in my God than most Christians. They decided they don't
want to do anything to me anymore. They don't like talking to me either, because I might predict someone's
death like I did in 2016 when a man died 2 days after I said he would. Although I am honored to be used by
God to speak to the authorities, and for God to fulfill what I said, I would not want to have to go through trial
again with the authorities, and I don't believe God will allow that to happen to me in the future. I have not
been compensated for what they did to me or my family, and await God's Justice.

 In order to make this page load faster, I have not embedded the videos, but provided links to them.

I would like to point out that God would not have needed to send these disasters on WA State, if WA State
would have responded like Idaho did. When I worked at Camp Grizzly for the Boy Scouts of America,
children were being molested by some of the men there. I was unaware at the time. I was assigned work
to keep me away from the offenders while they were doing their dirty deeds. I was quick to complete tasks
with the team they assigned me, and came back for more assignments while they were doing their dirty
deeds, and almost caught them in the act. So they decided to fire me, and soon after the kids revolted and
went on strike. They had asked where I went and why I was fired. This caught the attention of the police,
who did an investigation, and at least one man was put in prison, while others fled. As far as I know, there
wasn't any disaster that came upon Idaho in those years, while at the same time in 1999-2003 the
"Pomeroy Police Probe" was going on in Pomeroy WA, because the police department had covered up for
a child pornography and molestation ring. There were also multiple drug labs in the county at that time
as well, and nothing was done about these drug labs until after the police department was shut down.
In Idaho if people are guilty of rape, they are either put in prison, or some of those men are shot, whereas
in WA State they are given 90 day jail sentences if convicted. And so it becomes apparent why God
would have to discipline WA State for allowing such crimes to receive such light punishments, and for
covering up for and protecting criminals.
WA State gives Pedohpiles 90 days in jail or less.

To conclude, No other history book seems as complete as the Bible. Multiple countries, nations, peoples,
have documented what the Bible has documented, even those who oppose it. There is more evidence and
testimony to back up the identity of Jesus Christ, than any other man or woman who has ever lived
including Mohammad.  Atheists have no evidence or testimony to back up their claim that "there is no God"
and therefore their claim must be invalid. In addition to the 500+ witnesses of Jesus Christ, I have also
personally witnessed and can prove God's direct intervention in my life as well as others. I can prove it with
medical documents and court documents as well as YouTube videos, and videos published by the main
stream media and news articles.

So I would be foolish to reject the God of the Bible or the Bible, and would be in denial of the testimony,
evidence, history, and my own personal experiences.  To deny one's own experiences, facts, and testimony
is dangerous, and signifies a mental disorder of delusion, or a conscious choice to lie to one's self and
others. To thine own self be true. When you lie to yourself, your subconscious fights against the conscious,
because you can't lie to your subconscious. This results in bi-polar and other mental disorders and diseases.

PART 2: Notes on: “Proving The Old Testament” by Rev. T. F. Wright PHD. I’m unsure when this
was published, but it was before 1989 because that is the date when this Bible was given to
Roberta Breithaupt. I’m simply writing a brief overview that may seem vague in nature. I’m not sure if
this is copy protected or not. I don’t see any copyrights in the book, or date of publication, so perhaps
it is free to share.

On the first page it talks about how a book about a country can be verified by traveling to that country,
and seeing if everything is still where it was when the book was written. After seeing that it is true,
we can verify the book.

It discusses how the places, dates, and times of the stories in the Bible match up with the buried cities,
and their walls, dwellings, and writings.

It says that the Bible describes “very many countries and towns” and tells us what was done there, and
you can walk to these places using the Bible as a guide.

Side note of criticism: If someone wrote a book of fiction about real places, the places would still be
there, and the times might match up, but the writings and evidence preserved by archaeology would not
agree with the fictional stories of the book, the [what was done there]. So it may still serve as a good
map, but not necessarily an accurate story line, and the dates may be inaccurate.  With the Bible however
this is not a problem in the Old Testament, as everyone agrees on what year it is. I believe according to
the Old Testament calendar it’s year 5780 in 2019 today. In addition to attempting to disprove the Bible
by saying Noah’s flood didn’t happen, and replacing it with the “Ice Age”, there are 200 proofs that the
age of the earth is less than 6,000 years old, and a few unproven theories to support carbon dating, and
that the earth is old. Dr.Grady McMurtry ex-evolutionist Professor made a great presentation called
"Why i believe in a young earth" Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJGairhrPGc
 Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1Qr9ZZ-Y30
 Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc-qInfV174
 Part 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txEoErEWdaI
 WEBSITE https://www.creationworldview.org/about-us/
 DVD http://www.creationworldview.org/store/video-dvds/middle-school-adult-1/why-i-believe-in-a-young-creation-dvd

You can watch the presentation or buy the DVD on his website. This information in both
“Proving The Old Testament” by Rev. T. F. Wright PHD. And "Why I believe in a young earth" 
Dr.Grady McMurtry, prove that the Bible is correct, and theoretical science that disagrees with the
proof is wrong.  Now when it comes to the New Testament, it appears that the Calendar used by the
Romans may be correct, or at least very close to being accurate, and many argue and debate on the
actual date of the birth of Christ, however an Astrological discovery has been found, that shows that
the Christmas Star (3 wandering stars or planets lined up on December 25th on our calendars, about
3 years AD on our modern calendars. This was the brightest star ever seen from earth. Even though
they are planets we can call them wandering stars, because that is what they were referred to in
Biblical times. There are also more Astrological signs for other events around Christ according
to http://www.bethlehemstar.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzWi0tWKoxo Where NASA
Software was used to find the exact date and time of these Astrological events.  In addition to
proving the Bible, this also proves that the Creator God knew before creating the Universe that
He would have to send Himself into the world as a sacrifice, as a result of giving us free will, and
the ability to choose sin. He still decided to create everything anyway despite needing to sacrifice
Himself to save us. The entire universe is a giant clock, and that is why we can use NASA technology
to chart the stars backwards in time, to find out where they were. The only error in NASA’s
calculations is explained what the Bible says about God keeping the earth still for one day, and
moving it backwards 10 degrees. This is the only way NASA has been able to account for the
lost time in the Astrological clock. It lines up perfectly with Scripture.

“Proving The Old Testament” by Rev. T. F. Wright PHD. Continues by talking about Tell-es-Safi,
explaining that Tell means a hill containing ruins, although I’m not sure if this is correct, or if any
site containing ruins can be a Tell?… Anyway. It explains the process of the walls of the town and
it’s buildings being covered under the earth. It discusses how a town is attacked, and becomes
desolate, winter’s hard rains would melt the walls of dirt bricks down, the lower part of the walls
would be preserved and covered, and then after a few years, because the location is great for a
town, (perhaps with a water source…) the place is re settled and a new city is built with new
walls on top of the old city. Again destruction comes, and the process can repeat many times,
creating many cities and layers in one place.  

    Tell-es-Safi is probably Gath or the city of Goliath according to the book, It could also be the
home of Sath the giant as well according to some. Others say Safi describes the appearance of
the hill. Either way the Hebrews accepted both meanings. It says that a lot of information has
been collected from this Tell.

    Lachish is the mound Tell-el-Hesy, It has 8 layers of cities. The walls were 28 feet thick, and
the Bible says the walls were great and went up to heaven. Deet. 1:28. 

    The 10th chapter of Joshua tells us a lot about Lachish. The Bible tells us that while the rest
of the cities surrendered to Joshua, Lachish held out a couple days because the walls were
heavily fortified. So obviously the book is pointing out here that the Bible is accurate in describing
Lachish’s walls, and the story of them holding out a couple days longer also agrees with it having
bigger walls. 

    The book goes on to day that we can determine what city was Lachish by the things found
buried there. It says the fragments of Pottery are the most reliable source. It says that Professor
Flinders Petrie made a specialty of studding pottery, and was called the “King of Pots”.
Writing is the most clear indication of the date, and writing is worth more than finding
a lot of other objects (without writing). 

    A two inch square tablet was found at Lachish that contained an appeal for help, the help was to
be sent to Lachish from Egypt because of a sudden invasion into Lachish and an enemy that was
ravishing it’s fields. The letter (burried 30 feet deep) was never delivered to Egypt before the attack.
After 3,000 years it was found by Dr. F. J. Bliss in a Palestine exploration. 

    The book goes on to say that they have barely scratched the surface, and many more artifacts
that prove dates, times, and locations will be found in the future, continuing to prove the
Bible accurate.

    It goes on to talk about discoveries of walls of old cities the Bible talks about, the temple of
Solomon, Babylonia…

SIDE NOTE: In support of the Young Earth, is the recent discovery of Dinosaur Flesh, Bone,
and Skin https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2007/12/north-dakota-dinosaur-mummy/  
“Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900’s”
Although many Giant Skeletons were found all over the world, with the most in the USA
around dirt mounds. https://www.disclose.tv/the-truth-about-americas-giant-skeletons-313797  
AND  https://www.gaia.com/article/giant-skeletons-have-been-found-buried-in-mounds-across-america among other sources.

One question I find fascinating, is with scientists wanting to prove the missing link or aliens,
why didn’t they re-classify these giants as aliens or the missing link? Instead they destroyed
many of them, and tried to cover it up. I personally believe the answer can be found in the
book of Enoch, that has also been suspiciously removed from the Bible without any good excuse.
The book of the Maccabees has been removed that talked about the successful rebellion against
Rome. Could it be that the book of the Maccabees was removed in order to prevent encouraging
rebellion? Was the book of Enoch removed in order to draw our attention away from the
Giants who ruled the earth, and their descendants today? When it comes to Science, it doesn’t
seem very scientific to destroy evidence, or to remove true history books, unless there is an
alternative motive. Public Schools don’t want to talk about the Eugenics program of the
United States, and how we sterilized many Americans against their will so they could not
re-produce, before the Nazis did it.

    Here's a song "Tom Paxton What did you learn at school today" written around 1964 that
lists some of the real things Public Schools still teach kids, that we all know are completely
wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvr30mQF9ek  The same schools that teach evolution,
carbon dating as fact, and don't teach the Bible.  The list includes:

Washington never told a lie,
soldiers seldom die,
everybody's free,
policemen are my friends,
justice never ends,
murderers die for their crimes,
Even if we make a mistake sometimes,
war is not so bad,
I learned about the great ones we have had,
We fought in Germany and in France And someday I might get my chance,
our government must be strong,
It's always right and never wrong,
Our leaders are the finest men,
And we elect them again and again.

I think that’s a pretty good and accurate song by Tom Paxton.

The book continues to talk about proof of King Mena who reigned over Israel, Ramses II,
and how Jeremiah was captured by Egypt, and although the Egyptians did not believe in
Jeremiah’s prophecies, however Jeremiah prophesied that the Babylonians would put down
flat stones in front of the temple and put the Babylonian throne on the stones. Jeremiah
Chapter 43. The King of Babylon did come in to Egypt and built his throne on flat stones,
and they have been discovered. You can now go stand on the pavement where the
king of Babylon once had his throne.

It says that the oldest cities and structures do not use writing, and don’t have the same
mode of proof, however it does say that in the history of all “races” is an Eden, referred
to as “a delight”. It then lists many races and nations such as the Chinese, Phoenicians,
Phrygians, Persians, Indians, Chaldeans, Mexicans, and the Greek Poet Hesiod in
“Days of Days”, and by Latin poet Ovid in “Fables”. It says “of their own accord, without
laws, they practiced faith and rectitude. Punishment, and the fear of it, did not exist.
All were in safety, Mortals knew no shores beyond their own. The minds of men enjoyed
an easy tranquility. The earth of itself produced everything. It was eternal spring, and
gentle zephyrs caressed the flowers.” both poets call the time of Eden the “Golden age”.

So even though the age of Eden did not leave monuments, or written records, it is in
oral history repeated by all races. All races also know of a time of decline of war,
greed, and sin (before the flood of Noah).

The Assyrian records document the flood of Noah, “George Smith’s Assyrian Discoveries”.
“A ship shalt thou make. Into the deep launch it; into the midst of it thy grain and thy
goods, The animals all I will gather, And they shall be inclosed in thy door. All I possessed
I caused to go into the ship, I entered into the midst of the ship and shut my door.
The raging of the storm in the morning arose, the bright earth to a waste was turned,
the deluge over the people reached to heaven, The seventh day the storm was calmed;
I opened the window, light broke over my face. ON the seventh day I sent forth a dove.
I sent forth the animals to the four winds, I built an altar on the peak of the mountain.”

Side Note: Although all cultures and races record the Flood of Noah, the details very
from the Bible. Usually to fit a pagan tradition of the people, re-writing history for
their own country or region. The Egyptians also had an account of the flood of Noah,
and used the Raven as one of their pagan gods.

The book says at this time the records of the Hittites can not be read, because we can’t
translate them yet. I’m not sure if anyone has today.

The book says that although so little has been dug up and reviewed, each country has
had something to contribute to verify the Old Testament.

Now this book fits on two pages in my compact Bible, so it’s apparent that it is a
summary and brief proof of the Old Testament, and not a long book about it. It’s
also important to note that the Bible talks about the entire world, and not just certain
countries or nations. It’s not just one simple guide to France, or the US, or a State, or a
City. It’s a history book that documents all time that it was written in, and into the
future, so it is beyond any other book.

When it comes to faith in the God of the Bible, Faith in the Bible it’s self, there
are many ways people accept is as truth, and here are a few.

#1 By scientific, historical, or archaeological evidence alone.
#2 By philosophy.
#3 By personal experiences or encounters with God.

In my experience the most effective is #3 a personal experience with God. It takes
time to research and learn the evidence that proves the Bible, especially in today’s
world where we are saturated with unproven theories that contradict scripture, facts,
and reality. With me personally, I began by having personal experiences with
God at a young age. When I got out of Christian School, and went to Public School,
there was a college professor who claimed that his theories were facts, and did not
call them theories. He would say that evolution was proven, and could not be argued
against. At the time I wasn’t equipped to argue against what he said, and I believed
what he said must be true, that science had proven that evolution was true and
Creationism was wrong, but I knew God personally, and I knew God wasn’t a liar
or wrong, so I knew the information I was getting was wrong, and I decided to
keep to my faith, until I could research it for myself and find the facts. The Atheist
professor said that I was the top of my class, and should go on to become a marine
biologist. He was very impressed with my lab results in school. In my experiments
I had the least amount of death in the creatures I raised, and the highest rate of
growth. I wasn’t sold on the Marine Biology thing, but it was interesting.

The people I have met who have faith that is only built on evidence and facts alone,
are the type of Christians you and I don’t like. They are very dry, and pale.
They have no real ambition or drive inside them. They seem empty inside, and
perhaps have not fully accepted God into their lives, to give them the ambition,
joy, drive… that makes life worth living? I see them on TV talking about things.
Sometimes their big heads actually cause them to contradict scripture, because
they aren’t thinking in simple enough terms. This can lead to compounded
errors in their logic and reasoning.

While I think knowledge is important, I don’t think one should have to become a
complete expert or genius in a field or subject, in order to accept it’s basics.

A Child learns to ride a bike, without becoming a physics expert. The child often
doesn’t understand why the bike stays up right when it’s moving forward, and
some scientists also don’t know why for sure, but the child learns to ride the bike,
because he puts faith in the child’s instructor. Imagine early life on earth, where
Adam is in the garden. Adam didn’t have the knowledge of good or evil, and
obeyed God. He didn’t know why or how things worked, but yet He obeyed
His instructor, until after Eve was deceived, and seduced Adam into rebelling
against his instructor. Adam chose to listen to a new inferior instructor that
the superior instructor had created. Adam’s justification was that the superior
instructor had given him the wife who chose to become a inferior instructor,
after being instructed herself by a failure who fell from heaven.

So if you have to spend your entire life getting a PHD education in theology,
archaeology, astronomy, biology, and any other fields related to Scripture,
then you could die before ever accepting God as even a possibility.

Someone asked me if the Old Testament or New Testament could have
been retrofitted to match the Prophecies of the Messiah
. There are two
problems with this theory or accusation.  The first problem is that it would
be impossible for anyone but the Messiah to fulfill all of the Old Testament
prophecies about Him. Many have tried, but they have all failed except the
true Messiah.

The second problem is: if the people who wrote the New Testament would
have tried to alter the Old Testament to fit the Messiah, the Jews who hated
the Messiah would have pointed it out. They had the original copies of the
Torah, the Old Testament, and other books that have been left out of the
Bible. So they would have been quick to correct this. 

Part 3: The Theist Universe VS The Non Theist Universe.
What one do we live in?

To explain the difference between two universes, one with a Creator and
one without, the first answer is very simple.

The non theist universe would not exist without a creator. Steven Hawking
said that his theory for the beginning of the universe - time - space... had
to due with taking something from nothing to make something... That is to
say that if you dig a hole, you produce a negative (the hole) and a positive
(the matter in the hole), but without a universe there is no substance to
make negative in order to produce a positive as Steven Hawking suggests.
He then goes on to say that everything started with a black hole that had
all the time, space, and matter of the universe contained inside the black
hole. There is no cause given for the existence of the black hole, and it has
no time or space to operate or exist in. This black hole somehow exists
without time or space or matter (even though it is matter). And this black
hole expands and explodes even though it is frozen in time and can not move.
Steven Hawking does a very good job of confronting the false caused gods,
that allegedly existed after the universe had begun, and Steven Hawking
also does a good job of confronting a pope who did not believe in gravity,
and died when a roof collapsed on the pope, but Steven Hawking never
confronts the God of the Bible that is Causeless, Space-less, Timeless,
Matter-less, as his alleged black hole needs to be in order to create
everything. So Steven Hawking simply created a theory based on a
counterfeit non-living god of his own design, just like all the pagan
cultures and religions have done. His faith in the great black hole that
transcends space, time, and matter, without having any will or life of
it's own, is similar to both the pagan and non-pagan beliefs with one key
difference. His black hole is bound by space and time by it's very nature,
and it is not alive, and it is not beyond the laws of physics. The God of
the Bible is beyond His own creation, and the black hole is not, because
it is made of creation as Steven Hawking says, when he says that you
subtract from nothing, to create a negative and a positive, in order to
create something. On paper this works in mathematics with an already
existing universe, but it does not and can not work in an non-existing
universe. Steven Hawking also claims that Gravity has already existed,
and that Gravity is why the universe had to create itself. As we know
physics, time, space, and matter had to begin to exist, including gravity.
The majority of atheists and non theists believe in a beginning. The best
alternative theory is the big bounce theory, that the universe keeps
resetting itself, but it still has a beginning, a beginning of the bounce.

I don't need to explain the theist universe, because it's the one we are
living in now, and I'm sure you have heard lots about it.

Part 4: Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen To People

Although yahuah is slow to anger, he is the el of justice.
yahuah might not act when you think he should, and he
warns transgressors and gives them time to repent first,
but then he is sure to bring justice on those who do evil.
When people violate the laws of yahuah, they come under
the consequences of transgressing the law, these
consequences are known as "the law of sin and death".
Many times people violate the law of yahuah and as
outlaws, they are no longer under the protection of the law
therefore the enemy who roams about seeking whom he may
devour, can go after outlaws, but those who call on the name
of yahushuah hamashiach and repent will be saved.
They must confess they have sinned against yahuah and that
yahushuah hamashiach is yahuah, and have faith that he died
for their sins and has forgiven them. He did not die so people
could go on sinning, rather he died to set people free from sinning
(stop transgressing the law) and to make them into a new creation.
And he died to pay the fine for sin in our place, having the cup of
wrath dumped on himself instead of on us, so that we can
be adopted by the father, become brothers of the saviour
yahushuah hamashiach, and live with him forever in heaven
and recieve all good things, instead of going to hell and the
lake of fire forever and ever, reserved for those who are evil.
How to receive salvation:

Part 5 Philosophy:
The problem with Philosophy, is that it is misused to justify evil things, when common sense tells us they are wrong. It happens on simple and complex levels. It really doesn't matter if they are right though, it only matters if they can enforce their beliefs on others using force ;) And since they can, using police and armies, and the internet, banks... they can tell us whatever bs they want, and force us to go along with it.

Core values are what matter most. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Once you start there, you can build on that.

When I get a revelation from God, it's philosophical usually, but sometimes simple and sometime complex, but breaking it down into simple reason seems to yield the best results. If we compound reason too much, we end up with lies and false results, and to build on these lies is even worse.

A wise law man once told me, that if you walk into a court room, and can't understand what is happening, it is probably illegal. That is very true. Authorities, Lawyers, and other parties use trickery that I call magic and sorcery, in order to bend reality into fraud. They have perfectly good explanations as to why they don't follow law, and the most basic argument is that they don't classify us as living human beings, but as corporate entities, using the magic of their statutes and dictionaries. We clearly know we are living breathing people with unalienable rights that can't be legislated, but by changing the definition of "person" to mean a limited liability corporation, they can say they aren't violating the rights of the people, because persons are not people, persons are corporations, and that is exactly what they do, but it's only one trick in their bag of tricks. It sounds stupid, dumb... but it's their excuse to do evil, and treat us less than human.

It works because they can enforce it with force.

It works because they have convinced us that we can vote on statutes that take away our own rights, in the name of democracy.

It works because they convince us that our votes count, and we did it to ourselves.

It works because they say we have to follow US Supreme Court Rulings, the US Congress, Executive orders, and other things we don't vote on.

Philosophy is the greatest weapon to turn lies into what appears to be truth, but isn't truth.

Part 6.  Evolution VS Creationism

Our old Experienced Pastor who passed away, had a VHS copy of this film:
Unlocking the Mystery of Life Illustra Media DVD https://go2rpi.com/unlocking-the-mystery-of-life-dvd/

Illustra Media - Unlocking the Mystery of Life http://www.unlockingthemysteryoflife.com/
Watch On Demand https://go2rpi.com/unlocking-the-mystery-of-life-vod/ 
It is a very interesting film that not only disproves evolution and proves creationism and intelligent design, but it also features a man who wrote a book on the origin of life, that atheist and evolutionists use today as a foundation for the origin of life. The author of this book tried to prove the theory in a lab at NASA, and disproved his life origin theory, and then became a Christian. If the author of a theory proves it wrong, and becomes a Christian, then whey are atheists and evolutionists still teaching it in universities today?

Darwin also said that his own theory of evolution would be disproved if we discovered more complexity in living organisms, than he could know about in during his life time, and we have. So therefore Darwin also has stated that his theory of evolution is false, based on discoveries made with the microscope. So again why do we teach a theory that the author said is false?

Part 7. Life After Birth / Delivery. Does it Exist ? (Life after Death)

There were two twins in a mother’s womb. After the conception, they looked at one another and exclaimed happily, “It’s great to be alive!”

The twins explored the world around them. When they discovered the umbilical cord, they were excited:

“Our mother’s love is so great! It’s fantastic that she shares her life with us!”

As days went by, the twins started noticing that their bodies were changing.

“What does it mean?” the first twin asked.

“It means that our life in this world is coming to an end”, the second twin replied.

“But—but I don’t want to leave this world. I want to stay here forever”, the first twin said.

“We don’t get to decide,” the second twin responded. “There might be a life after birth, though.”

“How can a life after birth be possible?! If we break the umbilical cord, the life energy will stop feeding us! Moreover, no one has ever returned into the womb again. No one has ever told us that there is a life after birth! It’s the end!”

The twin was desperate.

“If conception ends with birth, is there any meaning in our life in the womb? Life has no meaning. Perhaps, there’s no mother at all!”

“There must be the mother”, the other twin countered. “If she doesn’t exist, how did we get here? What gives us life?”

“Have you ever seen her?” the first twin argued. “She may exist only in our imagination. We may have invented her to feel better!”

Their last days in the womb were filled with worries and anxiety. Finally, it was time for them to be born. The twins moved to the different world, and their eyes were opened. They screamed from joy because the world they saw far exceeded everything they’d expected. FROM: https://blog.obitel-minsk.com/2018/09/parable-of-day-how-can-life-after-bir.html

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